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Protection For Your Home

window Frank's Energy Savers Spray-On insulation is treated with a fire retardant formula. It is pulverized in a fine powder that adheres and remains part of the insulation.

It is one of the safest materials used in home construction! The dense structure of cellulose and its fire retardant qualities inhibit fire from spreading through a building by blocking flames and hot gases from passing through insulated walls and ceilings.

Solidly Packed

Frank's Energy Savers Cellulose has double insulating power through its ability to capture air around and inside of each hollow fiber. This gives it one of the highest insulating or "R" values of any cavity insulation. The high density and bonding process insures that your insulation performance is at its peak when you need it most. Many conventional insulations loose 50% of their "R" value due to poor installation and extreme weather conditions. Frank's Energy Savers Cellulose is sure to increase the efficiency of the heating and cooling in your home or commercial building. Cellulose insulation can also be added over fiberglass insulation in attics to increase "R" value.

Spray-On Insulation protects against heat loss/gain, reducing energy bills by up to 50%.


Less heat transfer means more temperature comfort. Warm air rises - without adequate insulation, heat escapes through ceilings and attics. Sun radiates heat to the roof and through the ceiling - without proper insulation, the heat transfers into the home.

Cellulose fiber insulation is the best, most efficient, safest, healthiest, and cost-effective insulation for your home or commercial building.

Complete Coverage

Fiberglass insulation allows cracks and gaps, cellulose insulation provides complete coverage!

The trimmed wall is solidly packed. When blown into place under a specially designed high pressure installation process, the tiny cellulose fibers flow around pipes and wiring, sealing cracks and corners forming a felt-like bond.

Frank's Energy Savers Spray-On insulation provides complete coverage. Fiberglass sheets can't cover as well, allowing cracks and gaps that allow air to leak through.

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Frank's vs. Fiberglass
Watch the comparison Videos and see for yourself how Fiberglass Insulation compares to Spray Cellulose Insulation.



Whether you are Home Owner, a Home Builder, or an Architect, you will be impressed by the benefits of Spray Cellulose Insulation.



Here are just a few testimonials from satisfied customers, which include direct comparisons to fiberglass batting.


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Spray-on cellulose insulation is physically bonded to every inch of your home and serves as a protective coating that insures your safety, comfort, and health.

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