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In addition to exterior wall weather insulation, Frank's Energy Savers spray-on cellulose insulation serves as an added fire barrier, sound control, and a draft barrier. The following three video demonstrations portray these qualities.

As A Fire Barier

The superior fire resistant qualities of cellulose insulation can improve the safety of your family, home, and personal possessions.

fire barrier

About the demonstration:

flame burn The video demonstrates the superior fire resistant and insulating qualities of Frank's Energy Savers sprayed-on cellulose insulation. Note: The oxy-acetylene flame generated by the torch is approximately 6000 degree F, and the cellulose insulation protects the hand that is holding it! Don't try this with fiberglass insulation!

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For Sound Proofing

Spray-on cellulose insulation is excellent for sound control. It can be applied to interior walls, where division between rooms may require sound control.

Typical sound proofing applications:
  • Bedroom walls
  • Recreation rooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Shower stalls and tub enclosures
  • Between floors
  • Office walls
  • In structures near highways, railroads, etc.
sound barrier

About the demonstration:

A 120 db personal alarm is used to compare how sound is transmitted through 6" of fiberglass batting and an equal thickness of cellulose.

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As A Draft Barrier

This is an area where the superior draft resistant qualities of cellulose insulation can reduce monthly energy bills, as well as improve the comfort level of your home!

draft barrier

Video description:

  1. Fan blows air into the demonstration wall.
  2. Light bulbs are used as a source of heat to represent summertime to demonstrate the effects on your air conditioner.
  3. Screen allows heat and airflow to enter each wall cavity equally.
  4. Thermometer records heat transferred through the fiberglass and cellulose insulation within the wall cavities.
  5. At the beginning of the demonstration, the thermometer's read the same temperature. After only two minutes, the temperature on the fiberglass thermometer is up to 75 degrees, whereas the temperature on the cellulose thermometer has remained unchanged. This shows the fiberglass' affect towards heat transferred resulting in higher heating and cooling bills.
  6. A draft can be observed coming through the wall outlet on the right (fiberglass wall cavity) but no air escapes through the left outlet (cellulose insulation).
  7. Holes in the top of the demonstration wall have clear plastic tubes inserted. Ping pong balls are placed in these plastic tubes. Forced air from the fan at the bottom "leaks" through the fiberglass insulation lifting the ball, but the cellulose insulation eliminates ALL air infiltration.
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Frank's Energy Savers Cellulose is sure to increase the efficiency of the heating and cooling in your home or commercial building.

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